Published: 11.44 Europe/London, April 1, 2011

The Czech Telecommunications Office (CTU) has issued an assessment of the digitisation process in the country as of March 15.

It concludes that the transition, which is being undertaken in accordance with a technical plan, is on track.

The first multiplex is now fully up and running, with only minor coverage issues, and reaches nearly 100% of the population.

The second multiplex meanwhile covers over 89%, third over 85% and fourth 25%, in the latter case in Prague, Plzen, Brno and Ostrava.

The first two multiplexes carry channels previously available on analogue, while the third and fourth offer new services.

The CTU adds that as the transition moves ahead, the number of people receiving analogue channels continues to fall.

The public broadcasterís second channel CT2, for instance, can now only be received in analogue by 0.3% of the population, compared to 90.8% earlier.

Analogue coverage for CT1 has meanwhile fallen from 99.6% to 62.9% of the population, TV Nova from 97.7% to 75.7% and Prima TV from 73% to 32.1%.