Published: 07.54 Europe/London, April 1, 2011

The number of so-called Canal Ready integrated TV sets and Bluray players is growing rapidly in France following the introduction of models by Philips, Thomson (TCL), Sharp, Loewe and Funai. With built-in digital terrestrial tuners, these sets are also able to decode premium channels from the Canal+ Group.

The latest batch of manufacturers come on top of TV sets that are already available from Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Panasonic and Techwood.

Until now, most Canal Ready sets were stand-alone set-top boxes for DVB-T reception, but with the latest generation of integrated digital TV set it is now possible to subscribe to Canal+ channels without the need of a separate device.

Philips, Thomson, Sharp, and Loewe are introducing TV sets, while Funai, Samsung and LG present Blu-ray players with built-in DTT tuners.

With Channel Ready receivers the viewer can also subscribe to the various terrestrial Canal+ channels Canal+ (Canal+ HD, Canal+ Cinéma and Canal+ Sport) and the CanalSat terrestrial bouquet (TF6, Paris Première, LCI, Planète and Eurosport).

Canal+ is running a promotional campaign in an introductory period until June 21, during which buyers of the Canal ready DTT CI module will be reimbursed €85 when taking a subscription to Canal+ 3 Stars or Canal+ 5 Stars.

According to the broadcaster, some 2 million Canal Ready devices, including both DTT and staellite DTH receivers, are currently in use.