Hi there.

I'd like to write some app for Azbox which would be available to run media file playback from console. I've found that some process is run when starts playing back media file in a standard way (from menu using remote control). ps command shows the following:
 1146 root       3116 S   detector_test open 0
But the problem is that this command (detector_test) does not take path to a media file as a parameter. I tried play different files (audio, video) but the process name is the same.
I tried run this command with path to file, but there was no effect.

MMP[~]$ detector_test  /DATA/hdb1/movie/file.mkv open 0
++++++++++++Detector_test START++++++++++++
argv[0] = detector_test
unlink fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: No such file or directory
argv[1] = /DATA/hdb1/movie/file.mkv
do nothing......
Not Supported!!
*** All controller task finished
*** close_dispatcher
Any suggestions, hints?
Thank you in advance.