New photo for lovers of beautiful Gemini 4.7 Carbon knife

Dear brothers and close friends, Greetings to you all

Today we suggest you adjust the image tually 4.70 and issued after the changes become a top awe, beauty and lightness to give to another Luster Photo tually and modifications you by

_ * warn you of the virus, which threatens to become an office safe and pray Impersonator

_ * Start with a beautiful picture and what type of HD

_ * Added Arabic and French language all languages ​​can be downloaded from the server

* _ In order to change the original knife with a knife, knife summit beautiful Carbon Trans Licher and make changes to the fonts to be bright and beautiful

* _ Add additional servers to download Taatmknu Emo you want by clicking on the add-ons

_ * ECMINFO start in the heart is

_ * Add Key Updater in the center of the image

_ * Add New Found Cleaner in the center of the image

_ * Add signal quality at the heart of the image

_ File * Teletext is working properly without any problems

_ * Added file includes satellites from the satellites to Hesbasat30 Turc Sat 42


Important Note

Do not merge any emo in the picture means that you can download from the server IMO Imo, there are those who want CNN and C-CAM, wishing there Emo Magic camera and can be downloaded from a server image of an existing second Bsaold

I present to you some of the saccharin-shot and leave the option to download the image and enjoy