Gemini4.70 knife and CCcam 2.2.1 From : Blueline

Peace and mercy of God

Amendment today: Bleuline Gemini4.70 knife and CCcam 2.2.1

Here are the changes made ​​to the image

* afraid of HDV is safe for clones
* change the image off beautifully
* The original knife Ahtfad
* Added Arabic and English and the ability to download other languages
* add a row of beautiful copies
* the ability to change channels by pressing the OK button, and then help
* Add registry property pvr
* Translation automatically
* Add grab the file to resolve the perceived problem of saccharin-shot viewer
* Add video interview frequency
* call emo 2.2.1 cccam start automatically after loading the image
* Merge Blogin CCcamInfo track the status of the server
* Merge Blogin EcmInfo apply to the case of a server and hops
* Merge Blogin Nagrab Dreambox to record from your computer
* Merge Blogin MinicatKey net to update the codes

Any change in this topic has been away from the Var
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