9 E: Change the channel parameters Karusel
2011-04-02 12:09:06 / Rafał Olchowik
Last updated: 2011-04-02 1:20:23 p.m.
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April 1 on satellite Eurobird 9 (9 E) was turned off the transponder 59th the parameters of 11.900 GHz, pol. H, SR 27500, FEC: 3 / 4, DVB-S/QPSK. With this capacity he was sent as "international" russian channel for children and youth Karusel . There were two messages - one for MPEG-4, and the second in MPEG-2. Currently, access to that station owners are only the newer receivers, because the issue continues in MPEG-4, but in another multiplex DVB-S.

Unfortunately for the transmission of reports to a new frequency coding system Viaccess CAID. The system is not active, but it expected to be switched on. During the drafting of the article, run the message is Clear.

Recent technical parameters:

EuroBird 9 E
tp. 60 (11.919 GHz, pol. V, SR 27500, FEC: 3 / 4; DVB-S/QPSK)

ID: int Karusel
V PID: 2004 (MPEG-4)
PID: 3004 (rus)
PCR PID: 2004
SID: 4
PMT PID: 1004
Provider: RRSat
Encryption: Viaccess (not active)

With these parameters, you can receive the international version of the Russian channel Karusel . This station has a slightly different programming schedule than the original version, which is distributed in Russia.

Karusel programming is a combination of two non-existing stations for the children: Bibigon (sender VGTRK) a