UPC Picks - a new digital television service in the UPC
2011-04-01 10:43:40 / Anita Dabek
Last updated: 2011-04-01 12:40:05
Source: UPC
UPC, the provider of television, Internet and telephony, offers a new interactive service - UPC Picks . UPC Digital TV customers will find it most interesting recommendations of movies and programs along with their descriptions of the UPC programming. Recommended UPC presents five thematic categories, which contain recommendations most programs.

They are:

Film - category includes recommendations films (UPC also offers ON DEMAND) with descriptions
Serial - category includes recommendations serials with descriptions of specific episodes.
Sport - the category includes recommendations of sports programs in the coming days along with their descriptions.
Entertainment & Music - the category includes recommendations of interesting programs in the entertainment.
Knowledge - the category includes recommendations of popular programs - science.

UPC Picks access is possible by pressing the 'Interactive' on your remote and select the button UPC Recommended for Interactive Gallery and by pressing the "Menu" button on the button and selecting UPC Picks Main Menu decoder. You can also get it by pressing the "guide" (TV Guide) on the remote, then the red button "Search" and "choose" select "Recommended". After application, the user is moving with the arrow keys on your remote.

Certainly viewers serials and sporting events will appreciate the UPC Recommended recordings and allows you to schedule reminders for programs, whose recommendations are in the application. Scheduling recordings is available for holders of the decoder with the recorder, scheduling reminders, however, is available to all UPC Digital TV subscribers. Using the application is free UPC Recommended.