The new face of Netia
2011-04-01 10:34:09 / Anita Dabek
Last updated: 2011-04-01 11:58:10
Source: Company
Netia completely changes your face right now, the boundary between the reality that surrounds us and the world of on-line ceases to exist. Based on its mission to the slogan "We Deliver the World on-line , Puma has made ​​a comprehensive "rebrainingu" brand, which includes not only the logo and corporate identity.

Changing image-Netia is an expression defined a new brand concept. The new visual identity is the beginning of breakthrough changes that are initiated with the announcement in January of the new company's mission, based on the motto "We Deliver the World on-line."

The scope of the changes is so significant that it deserves to be called rebrainingu, a total change of philosophy and approach, including the creation of corporate materials, offers or access devices. Establishment of a final, thought the concept of brand positioning - which Netia wants to stand out and lead the market - was preceded by such semiotic to testing. Analysis of the cultural significance of key words illustrating the Mission Netia (Deliver - usługowość, World - the world, and On-line - Internet) helped define the new trends in culture.

- Changes have taken place and will be interpreted as Netia is the consequence of a conscious and deliberate search for the answer to the question: What is the brand wants to be Netia? The task involved was the whole team. It was a lengthy process, requiring many studies, discussion and reflection - says Michael Dolny, marketing director Netia - Our new philosophy is based on the observation of a constantly changing world where the line between what is real and what is virtual cease to exist. Real and virtual world are interwoven, and each can decide how much of his life can occupy a space on-line. Netia sees the dynamics of the contemporary world and wants to be the leader in new trends.

Customers appreciate the brand a simple, intuitive, speaking their language, yet imaginative and unusual. Netia its new brand message based on simplicity and ingenuity, adding to the passion of those features to which you want to be identified. The element of "good choice" characterized by a new offer Netia also reflected in the transfer of the brand. The changes will be visible in all aspects of brand communication, which include the Corporate Identity (CI), advertising, offers, or new devices.

To create a new visual identity Netia has invited one of the top branding agencies in Poland and throughout Europe - White Cat Studio. For the creation of a new platform and the agency responsible ATL Brasil, which Netia has worked for some time.

- New Corporate Identity Netia was created in accordance with the principle of 'total branding', which implies no impact on the customer's single, solid logo, but all visual identification. It consists of simple but very clever in its form of colored dots, which symbolize the molecule - or 'genes' - the Internet. These molecules are arranged in thousands of combinations, characters and creations, coexisting with the real world, which is represented by an equally simple typography of the word 'NETIA'. Thanks to this operation there is no single, fixed Netia's logo - just as there is no single, fixed image of the Internet - says Michael Dolny.

Another change, and express "rebrainingu" Netia is the new advertising platform. The leitmotif of advertising creation will be a group of specialists from the Institute of Netia's Internet enthusiasts whose main task will be conducting research and making discoveries related to the penetration of the worlds of online and off-line. Through the prism of these findings will be presented new offers and products Netia.

The first new - totally different from the existing ones on the Polish market - offer Netia developed in line with the brand new concept will be presented on April 12 this year.