Marquise HD SkyLink appear in the packet
Released: April 1, 2011, 15:19 Yesterday | Author: editor

Slovak commercial TV Markiza not yet appear in HD on the satellite platform Skylink . The information brought by some media is not true.

Server said Andrew Dolezal, Technical Director of TV Markiza. According to Web site operators to agree on the terms of the spread of Marquise HD on satellite.

Marquise Marquise offers its high-definition signal in the data stream 15 Mbit / s (H.264/HD) in Slovak SIX peering center since September last year. HD version is provided by some cable and IPTV operators, the Slovak Republic - Orange Fiber TV, T-Com Magio the optics and cable, Satra Swan Antiques Telecom, Martic and Imafex.

Marquise HD broadcasts mainly upscalovaný content. The first program in the native HD broadcast Marquise on Christmas 2009. It was a fairy tale Happy Feet. In this month in its native HD format broadcast film Watchers (tomorrow), What Happens in Vegas (April 16), and live broadcasts of the British royal wedding (April 29, 2011).