May I ask som few questions here:
I have an original Dreambox 800 HD se . I have just flashed it with OpenPLI and have downloaded CCCam and MgCam. I have two servers where I would like to connect to as client. I have the data but not the .cfg files because I used a Edision box before. One of the servers likes that I use MgCam, the other prefers me to use CCCam.
I want to restrict my logging in only when I need it, when I would like to see the one package or the other or not at all when I watch FTA. In the Edision box it was easy to go via the menu and activate the softcam when needed.
Question: Is that possible with the Dreambox also?
Question: Should I have one .cfg file for CCCam and one for MgCam?
Or can I edit a .cfg file that can be used for both servers?
Most of all: How can I switch on or off the particular softcam.
And one more question: I have difficulties to get FTP running with Dreambox ControlCenter. Can't I use the Windows Explorer within the home network to copy files to Root/etc in the box?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,