Image Evolution 2.7 knife CCcam Mgcamd beyond Dreams

Today's older image Evolution_2.7 beyond_dreams knife after the drastic change to the beauty of it hope you like it and leave it to answer after the experiment

- Changing the logo of the original

- Change the original beyond_dreams Bskiyn knife

- Languages​​: English Arabic French

- Add a property registration

- Activation of the IMO as soon as the terraces

- Merge CCcam_2.2.1 from var

- Merge Mgcamd_1.35a from var

- Merge CCcam info from var

- Merge Blogin Cryptinfo track the status of the server

- Merge Blogin info MGcamd apply to the case of a server

- Teletext merge from var

- Merge signal quality from var

- Add a file to another frequency very modern and comprehensive for each satellite

- Delete unnecessary files to maintain image

- Tgierallojohat and you can easily navigate to the path var / bin / images

- Removing the background that you want to change, and then add new

- Place the beginning of the background working for the logo

- Place your logo in the background radio radio

- The background to put the logo on behalf of the scan

- Place the logo in the background, in the name mp3 mp3

- Just send a subscription var / etc

- This image can be transferred by flachwizar or dreamup

I leave you with pictures

I leave you with download