New Arabic toon to air
by Chris Newbould

Avid readers may remember we featured Dubai-based Blink Studio’s efforts to create a new ‘Arabised’ version of popular Cartoon Network show Skatoony late last year.

The completed show is now set to premiere in Arabic on Cartoon Network Arabic on Tuesday April 5th 2011 across the MENA region.

In conjunction with Blink, Cartoon Network Arabic has adapted the content of a full season of Skatoony in line with its mission to create and deliver local content to the region. Launched in English in 2006, Skatoony successfully conquered the infotainment sector appealing to children and parents alike by combining live action and animation. The interactive game show for children will bring together over 35 Arab children from across the region in exciting and entertaining playoffs to appear throughout 13 weekly 22-minute episodes of Skatoony.

In every episode, Skatoony brings together three cartoon characters and three Arab children to compete through three fast paced rounds of quizzing. Skatoony features games such as ‘Tamam Aw Ay Kalam?’ (Bang on or Bogus), ‘Orsom Ma Tasma Wa Israkh Itha Araft Ma Rasamt’ (Draw What You Hear and Shout Out When You Know What You’ve Drawn) and the ever mucky ‘Henny Bil Benny’ (Hoo Flung Dung), with contestants competing to win a place in ‘Tahadi Ka’as Isaalouni Ya Skatoony’ (Skatoony Quiz Champ Challenge.

The show is hosted by ‘Professor Abu El Uraif’ (Chudd Chudders), ‘El Jagal’ (The Earl) and ‘Ashik Dinar’ (Tony Eagle-Eyes) whose names and dialects have been adapted to cater to an ever growing fan base of Cartoon Network Arabic viewers.

Skatoony will be shown on Cartoon Network Arabic every Tuesday at 18:40 UAE, starting April 5th 2011 on NILESAT 104 and BADR 6, with catch up episodes on Fridays at 15:55 and Saturdays at 19:30.