Published: 05.52 Europe/London, April 5, 2011

The auction for the rights to Romania’s premier football league Liga 1 for the next three seasons has ended inconclusively, with the majority still left unsold.

According to ZF, the first package was contested by RCS&RDS and Romtelecom before being eventually won by the former for a fee of €13.2 million plus VAT.

The second package only attracted a bid from Romtelecom and was secured for €12.9 million plus VAT.

The third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh attracted no bids, while an eighth package was granted to Antena 1 for €10.5 million plus VAT.

As things therefore stand, the Romanian Professional Football League (LPF) will only receive €36.6 million plus VAT for the rights, as opposed to the €85 million it obtained three years ago.

One option now being considered is repackaging the outstanding rights, perhaps into a single package, to make them more attractive to bidders.