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Thread: dm600 s problem

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    dm600 s problem

    Hi i have a problem i need help with please.I have gemini 470 on it,i am trying to connect to somebody for a card share.I got the tar.gz and the config from the boy,i ftp'd them over to temp the chmod them to 777 i have tried 775 also.i then installed the tar.gz and set it as the cam.Then i do a transponder scan when it is done i just get fta i get the full epg off whats on all the channels it shows 96%snr,agc91%. along the bottom there is grey boxes with letters the one with nd is green and above what is on there is a blue dotted line it stops just over quarter away along.this probably means nothing but thought it might help can anybody help with this does the config file work once it is ftp'd to temp or does it need installed?
    thank you

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    Re: dm600 s problem

    hi no need for any replies i have it sorted thank you.

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