Published: 08.27 Europe/London, April 8, 2011

MIPTV 2011 – CANNES. The Sundance Channel announced a major distribution deal with Spain’s Telefonica, of which an important feature is the fact that it includes streaming movies to mobile devices. Tailoring to the operator’s needs is key.

“We can do this because we own all the rights,” said Ed Palluth, SVP distribution, Rainbow Media Global, “and we can tailor our offer to the wishes of each individual operator.” So Sundance does not only sell the linear channel, but diverse rights including VOD and streaming to mobile. So each operator can do a lot of different things with our content.”

This also includes HD, “because all our content is [native] full HD,” according to Palluth, “so we can offer a full 24 hour HD channel.” This was particularly important in France.

Rainbow Media Global’s brands also include WE TV, a female skewed channel which so far has not made it into Europe, but which is a huge success in Asia. The channel centres on life events, such as weddings and as you know weddings are really big in Asia.”

In a related development, Cinémoi and Sundance Channel Global have joined forces to offer unprecedented access to the Cannes Film Festival in a deal facilitated by 3DD Entertainment.

Beginning on May 12, Cinémoi will air comprehensive coverage of Festival films as well as exclusive interviews and red carpet moments hosted for the first time by Jonathan Ross. Sundance Channel, Cinémoi, Non-Stop Television and Studio TV will broadcast coverage to audiences in more than 25 countries across the UK, Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia.

Oliver Bengough, CEO of Cinémoi, in a statement, “With Sundance Channel as our partner and Jonathan Ross as our host, we can bring the excitement and glamour of Cannes to a global audience in a way that has never been seen before!”