Published: 21.27 Europe/London, April 7, 2011

MIPTV 2011 – CANNES. Autentic, a German producer and distributor of documentaries, has launched two new international special-interest HD channels, Spark and Freestar.

Autentic’s CEO Patrick Hoerl announced that the new documentary channel Spark will have exclusive access to the vast factual library of Autentic and ZDF Enterprises. Also poised for its international launch is the feature-film channel Freestar, which will concentrate on independent movies, films of artistic value and on the major international film festivals.

Spark is designed to be aired throughout the world as an HD channel and will show a broad spectrum of documentaries ranging from science and knowledge to programmes about discoverers and discoveries, ecological topics, technology, nature and animal films. “Our goal is to offer top-notch entertainment for all family members,” said Autentic’s Hoerl. Spark will draw its programming from the new production outputs of Autentic and ZDF Enterprises, and will also offer product specially tailored for various local markets.

Freestar will set its sights on feature films, stars and fans of the independent film. The channel, airing exclusively in HD, will present theatrical highlights of independent producers made outside of the big US studios, as well as competition contenders at the major international film festivals. “With Freestar, viewers can create their own personal film festival, in top quality and around the clock,” said channel manager Philipp Riccabona. Freestar will be available around the world as VOD platform and as linear broadcaster.

Munich-based Autentic, a joint venture of Beta Film and Patrick Hoerl, was founded in 2008. Autentic operates its own special-interest channels in various countries, including three channels on South Africa’s TOPTV platform.