Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Exclusive offer you today a new version of the image to Openpli Supported Clock Analogique amended in the previous version and a new day is a modification of a knife, a new Army Punto to modify the brother Marwan The God of Wonders. This is the rest of the additions and greetings from your brother Marwan

Note: The raw image is not mixed with any Imo only CCcam or Mgcamd


-Egauge Fixed
-Inadyn configuration Fixed
- You can choose any language in the Audio preferences
- Copy new boot
- Add the French language in addition to Arabic and English
- The knife is the original Army Punto with Picon
- Merge CCcaminfo away from the area Var
- Merge Ecminfo away from the area Var
- Merge Movieplayer away from the area Var
- Merge Minicatkey updater away from the area Var


- This is raw (img) to be passed to the Dream through dreamup or flashwizard

I leave you with images and downloads: