Gemini 4.70 Alpha pro knife and CCcam2.2.1
From 04/10/2011

Peace and mercy of God be upon you

Amendment today

* He was afraid of HDV is important for the counterfeit devices

* Change in the trunk of one of the original amendments Lugo

* HDV and connect the new original knife blade Alpha Pro

* HDV keep all the languages ​​of English and Arabic and French to add the ability to download

* Enlarge the font and add a line of beautiful copies

* Ability to change the view the channel list by pressing the OK button, and then help

* Join enabled PVR, click on the question

* Add video frequency to the modern Atlantic Bird1 Badrsat

* Emo Merge CCcam2.2.1 activated automatically started after downloading,

* Connection Blogin CCcamInfo track the status of the server

* Connection Blogin EcmInfo apply to the case of a server and hops

* Connection Blogin Nagrab the register Dreambox to PC

* Connection Blogin SignalQuality to see the signal strength
It is raw (img) to be transferred to the Dream through dreamup or flashwizard

Espace Free En Var 83%

I leave you with a screenshot and then download