Published: 09.55 Europe/London, April 11, 2011

Insolvency proceedings have started on the Czech station Public TV.

According to Digizone, its licence holder Totalpress filed for bankruptcy on March 22 after finding itself unable to pay off debts totalling CZK134million (5.48 million), of which CZK64.35 million are to GMF and CZK19.12 million to the Czech Digital Group (CDG).

The latter was the operator of the third Czech DTT multiplex, on which Public TV has been distributed, up until late last year.

The fate of Public TV now rests in the hands of the Council for Radio and TV Broadcasting (RRTV), which can remove its licences.

At present it is licensed for cable, satellite and DTT distribution.

Public TVs demise would casts doubts on the future of the third multiplex, which lost another service the news-based channel Z1 following its closure earlier this year.