Peace, mercy and blessings of God to

New Gemini 4.20 3Skin ADRENALIN VLC and Web-X-Tv Fixed + CCcam2.2.1 Hepsiteknik by Abdssamad

The new website can change the patch Albni Gemini 4.20

Adrenalin1, Adrenalin2, very nice Adrenalin3 Skinat

Correction also fixed the browser and the Web-X-TV and VLC is Zapstream

The proper functioning of the web interface with remote control

This will last without a change in their own settings on a computer can install the latest version of VLC

And at the same time, the integration of Imo CCcam2.2.1 CCcam start a new blog update

Aharinj more changes of speed and bat for us, God willing, you

Changes and additions to the final image:

comments online through a web browser

Additions and changes made to the image:

1 - Copy of a huge boot and can be changed by easylogo Blegn

2 - correction online via a Web browser-TV-X

3 - 3 Skinat Adrenalin1 original blade, change Adrenalin2, very nice Adrenalin3 Skinat
4 - Arabic and French languages ​​other than English, add

Fixed 5-screenshot

6 - Merge CCcam 2.2.1 and existing raw video from CCcaminfo V1.1

7 - There are remote from the Merge Blegn Ecminfo

8 - Have a call away Blegn Minicat Updater to update the key blade

9 - There are remote from the Merge Blegn Nagrab

10 - Yes CCcam Blegn combines remote update

11 - Integration of new servers to download plug-ins

12 - combines the raw quality of the signal away from the plug-in Yes

13 - combines the existing space Nagrab raw video plug-in

14 - combines the plug-in away from the existing raw Hacker Sat Keys

15 - New Found crude Cleaner combines the plug-in away from there

16 - Satellite true beginning of the file names are updated with the new satellites.xml

17 - The file has an area of ​​more than just the most important countries of the region modified by time zones

18 - The on-line feature to add a DVR to record

19 - If you press the OK button channels, such as Humax, the menu can change and then help

20 - increase the size of the line channels, add lines to the main menu

21 - Gain Fast karnel that he was

CCcam.cfg sissy cam server only way to have users and / etc send the file to operate direct channels

The remaining 83% Yes


This can be by official Flashwisard or DreamUP

Now I leave you with photos: