Published: 07.57 Europe/London, April 13, 2011 by Robert Briel

UPC Cablecom will upgrade its 400 000 existing broadband customers to higher speeds on the same or even slightly cheaper terms, the operator has announced. It has also launched its Fiber Power 100 product.

Koen Verwee, VP of marketing and products at upc cablecom, said in a statement: “We’re upping the speeds for our existing customers so they will be able to download from the Internet up to five times faster. We’re proud to be carrying on our reputation as an innovative, high performance telecommunications company with the new upc cablecom brand, and yet again provide our existing customers with cutting edge services, true to our motto: «More Power, More Joy.»”

Customers will receive the higher speeds for the same or even cheaper subscription prices provided that they switch to electronic billing within the next two billing cycles, thus saving themselves the fee of CHF1.50 (€1.15) per paper bill. Customers with the new Fiber Power 100 instead of Fiber Power 50 will not only receive double the speed but also a cheaper price (now CHF75 instead of CHF85 per month before).