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Thread: dont know which emu and how

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    dont know which emu and how

    can somebody explain which latest image and which emu to use and how to activate it and how exactly to input the keys and in which directory?there are so many guides but its all mixed up and missing some trying to see dishnet.and maybe globecast on t5.(nag2)north my TD i downloaded tdman10a image,and then i ftp files with TDC into var directory but thats when i get stuck,so many files all mixed up?what files exactly should i stick to to get this thing working besides FTA?please help if u have pations.thank you in advance.

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    Re: dont know which emu and how

    finally i got it working.i did ftp softcam files and i did update them and everything works smooth now.

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    Re: dont know which emu and how

    if i subscribe to viacess card hrt on hot bird -what files do i need to be able to use it on triple dragon in europe?or maybe i just insert it and it will work without additional files?

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