Anyone have experience with this, what you think of these images is the best to use with a USB sofcam for clarke tech or diablo cam, also, I have no map, for I am now using open pli 2.0 beta et9000 good for FTA but here can not Softcam inplaatsen via USB
Following images are available for ET9000!
1. Clarke Tech official Image
2. Clarke-Tech-Support v1.1
3. VIX Team ET9000 Image v2.1
4. HDF-Team Image v2
5. Black Hole Clarke Tech ET-9000-BH v. 1.4.3 OE 1.6
6. Open blackhole 20110109 image for clarke tech ET9000
7. OpenPLI-2.0-beta-et9000
8. SIF OpenEE Et9000 Gecko 20110329102702