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Thread: Image review of Vu+Duo

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    Image review of Vu+Duo

    I have been trying for over 1 week now several images for my new Vu+Duo! VIX - VTI - BH ...
    each one of them has something the other does not have ! i guess thats why there are so many different ones right?
    in anycase, i have found (and that is purely my preferance) the Black hole is the most stable one and an image that simply does what is needed from it ! i finally settled on the latest BH image and working on it now ! having said that, it is true that all of them where buggy in a way or another ! i mean, i am still unable to backup my BH image using my USB ! each time i try that, it freezes up ! and another one is the remote control button setting (found in VIX) is very limited BH ! (i am soooo used to use the OK button to open my menu channel section)
    at the end of they day it is simply a preferance ! and nothing more !
    I am a new Vu+ duo owner, i was very exited to receive it after all the various comments in forums and reviews, but i am still unable to see the difference between Vu+ Duo and dreambox HD 800 SE? (other than the 2 tuner) ! the actual size of the Vu+ is a disadvantage compared to the Dreambox HD 800 SE !! and both deliver the exact same ! i was told that the image on the Vu+ is far more sharp ! :confused: could not really notice the differance ! has anyone noticed it? :confused::confused:
    dont get me wrong, i do love this piece of art, but as a dreambox owner for over 5 years now, i have to say that i was a bit dissapointed.
    3 quick questions:
    1- Does anyone have a solution for the backup via USB (full image backup)?
    2- any speciffic options recommened to be added to the Vu+ Duo?
    3- is there a way to watch movies from my shared HDD on my network on Vu+ ?

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    Re: Image review of Vu+Duo

    i have tried lots of images for vu+duo..each one has different things than the other!!but i would like to find the image that works better with mgcamd135a!!does anybody know something about it?

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