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Thread: plz anyone help me Plz

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    plz anyone help me Plz

    Hello all
    Plz can anyone tell me if the system biss work on the neotion 501
    because i'v put the code of nba in the turksat
    and i have a message the Audi and video are not available.
    so plz help me to fix this problem i need to watch the nba tv so plz and plz help me.

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    Re: plz anyone help me Plz

    501 supports b|ss system, at least with rp_t71. Maybe it just doesn't have the right k3y inserted. You should search for a valid k3y for the provider of that channel, and insert/correct it in the 501 key editor inside the emulator.

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    Re: plz anyone help me Plz

    Look Man Jp... plz man look can u upload or give a site that can i download from it the file rpt_71 and with the right key 4 nba plz man i need it plz ok.and thanks 4 helping me

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