Published: 11.47 Europe/London, April 18, 2011

UPC Polska has introduced a brand new offer today (April 18) that it says is unique in the Polish market.

Wiosenny HIT (‘Spring HIT’) consists of six packages, each composed of two or three services, designed in such a way as to give customers a great degree of flexibility in deciding what they will subscribe to.

For example, those who opt for one of these package (Na wiosne z UPC – Spring with UPC), consisting of Fiber Power at 10Mbps and the Select HD package for PLN100 (€25.2), will also be able to obtain a HD PVR for an additional PLN10 or upgrade their internet service to 25 Mbps for PLN20.

The six packages, excluding any additional services, cost from PLN100 to PLN160 a month, with the latter including internet access at up to 50 Mbps.