Published: 11.04 Europe/London, April 18, 2011

DMOL, the organisation that is responsible for the numbering system on the UK terrestrial platform, says it has received backing for changes involving teleshopping, IP channels and the positioning of local TV channels.

In a statement following its recent consultation on the subject, DMOL said there had been “strong support” for the new IP channels section to the EPG used by Freeview. However, it clarified its proposals, explaining that the new area would be similar to the 800-999 region used by consumer electronics manufacturers, rather than the release of individual channel numbers.

Plans for local TV also received the thumbs up. DMOL is currently seeking guidance on the number of local TV services that may be introduced, which would be located around 200. However, this may be at odds with government proposals to place local TV at channel 6, a slot currently occupied by ITV2.

Significantly, there was little support given to plans to move HD channels to the 100s, instead they will continue to be listed immediately after the general entertainment section.