Published: 07.24 Europe/London, April 21, 2011

Both Panasonic and Samsung have announced a list of their models that have received CI Plus certification from the Dutch cabler UPC. The operator launches its stand-alone CI Plus module for The Netherlands on April 26.

Panasonic has said all its current and future CI Plus receivers are compatabile for usage with UPC. It concerns the VT30-series, GT30-series, ST30-series, G30-series, S30-series, U30-series, C3-series, DT35-series, DT30-series, E30-series, E3-series and the U3-series.

Samsung announced compatibility of the following series: Plasma 450-series, Plasma 490-series, Plasma 550-series, Plasma 6900-series, Plasma 6910-series, Plasma 8000-series, LCD 450-series, LCD 550-series. LCD 570-series, LED 4000-series. LED 4010-series, LED 5000-series, LED 5010-series, LED 5700-series, LED 5720-series, LED 6200-series, LED 6300-series, LED 6320-series, LED 6500-series, LED 6510-series, LED 6530-series, LED 6540-series, LED 6570-series, LED 6750-series, LED 7000-series and LED 8000-series.

Sony was the first manufacturer to announce its list of certified CI Plus receivers; announcements by Philips and LG are expetced in the next few days..

UPC Nederland will launch CI Plus on April 26 with modules available on rental only.