Published: 11.22 Europe/London, April 21, 2011

The leading Russian DTH platform Tricolor TV will continue to be distributed in Siberia by the Bonum-1 satellite at 56 degrees East until at least late 2013.

The news was given in a statement by the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) and confirmed by Tricolor TV, thereby quashing rumours of an upcoming suspension of the service in Siberia.

Although Bonum-1 was launched in January 1999 and has a lifespan of 11 years, corrective measures by RSCC will significantly increase its usage time.

According to the RSCC, once Bonum-1 is decommissioned it will be replaced by Express -AT1 at 56 degrees East.

The latter is due to be deployed by November 2013 at the latest and will have four times the capacity of Bonum-1 for TV broadcasting.