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Thread: StarTrack S2CU-5000 USB Satellite receiver

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    Question StarTrack S2CU-5000 USB Satellite receiver

    Hello to all at SatSupreme, Can anyone help me on this?

    I need information on the receiver's main chip(I don't know what it is called) and how to update the firmware?
    Searching the internet proved little and some say that it uses the ali Zeta chip (3329E?) and I also learned that it can be converted into THETA and other models, is it correct info? Because the loader given does not support my receiver and tells me incompatible firmware (aliminiupg 6.10). Some websites also give out ZETA firmware but it does not support that. Can anyone help?

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    Awww yeahhh!

    Here is the information I needed desperately back then... ripped from

    5000 USB PVR
    Product Features
    1. Digital Satellite Receiver
    2. 2 Common Interface
    3. USB 2.0 interface for USB Storage
    4. JPEG Picture View
    5. Channel Manager
    6. Zoom Mode
    7. Multi Picture
    8. Equalizer
    9. Parental Lock
    10. Record Manager
    11. Time Shifting
    12. PVR Setting
    13. Support Multiple OSD Language
    14. Various Video output ( HDMI, Scart, RCA )
    15. Electronic Program Guide
    My info (ripped from my brain):
    CPU: ALI M3329E
    EEPROM: 4Mb ST M25PXX series Serial Flash Memory
    SDRAM: Samsung k-die 128Mb K4S280832K / K4S281632K
    Supports 6-pin MIPS EJTAG ver. 1.0-2.0 Spec. (Meaning Jkeys will NOT work on this IRD)
    Supports many encryption systems to decrypt (BISS, Viacess,irdeto etc.) with mcas ver. 1.x m3329c&e (Accessed by pressing 9339 on the remote control while viewing a channel)
    Also has a CCCam option (I don't know how it works... yet!)

    Tools I know of that work on this IRD through Null modem cable:
    Ali editor (for satellite and channel editing + backup)
    upgrade 2.0.0b (for firmware updates through Null modem cable)
    Every ALI M3329x software with maybe limited or full compatibility

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