This page was copied from Duwgati's site with his permission:
Enjoy, Bill & the funFiles Team.

MKF Tips

Keep your card optimized.
Just some valuable advice to ensure that your card will always be optimized.

Every time you edit your card, and especially whenever you have deleted anything from your card, check if you don't have any gaps in your record structure.

Have a look at the Screen Shot down here.
Notice that there is no record '00 25' present.
This might lead to problems, when editing your card, eventually.

So how do you find out if there are any gaps??
It's very easy really:
Perform a full card extraction, every time you have deleted anything from the card.
Then browse through the list of records and see if there are any gaps.

What to do if you've found a gap??
This is how to get rid of them:
Go to the 'Providers' menu and add a provider (any provider will do).
Select the newly created provider from the menu.
Add some keys for that provider (any imaginary key will do).
Then go back to the 'Providers' menu and delete the last added provider.
This will force a resort of the card records.

How do you check if the gaps are all closed??
Just perform a full extraction again, to check if any gaps have been left.
If all wen OK, there should be no gaps left.
But if there are, make a note of the missing record(s).
Repeat the whole procedure and check if the same record numbers are missing.

If nothing has changed to the list of missing record numbers at all, please contact me.
If the list still shows gaps, but has changed, then repeat the procedure until no gaps are left.