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MKFind System Key Extraction

If you have an Elvis programmer, then please click here first.

The first thing we are going to do before we modify anything to the card, is extract the System Key.

This is the 'Connect'/'Disconnect' icon.
It is located in the top left part of the MKF program window.
Click that button now, to connect to your card.
Your screen should look similar to the screen shot down here.

1: From the menu choose 'Settings'.
Below you can see how the Settings screen looks.

2: From the 'Key Index' pull down menu, select Key Index 00.

3: Now don't bother what the System Key field indicates and hit the 'Extract Key' button.
Just wait until MKFind has extracted the System Key from your card.
It will be displayed in the 'System Key' field.

Write down the System Key in a place where you can easily find it back.
You could for instance write it on the card itself.

Now click here to return to the MKFind main page.

Working with the Elvis Programmer:

1. Connect Power to Programmer.
Connect the Programmer to the PC.
Launch MKF, go to the 'Settings' Tab and select 'Elvis AutoPhoenix Mode'.

Press the 'Connect' Icon. This will then trigger the Elvis 'Phoenix' mode emulation.

To return your Elvis its 'Normal' programmer mode, you will need to disconnect the power for a few seconds after leaving MKF.