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Thread: System SKS for Mirage 1703 / 1704 s HD

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    System SKS for Mirage 1703 / 1704 s HD


    Well friends here is already off the news!!
    For those without Internet access, or simply because it has no wants or needs, we can already "see" what they want with this new solution.

    To do so only need three things:

    More of a 60cm antenna pointed at the satellite to 7º East , or better yet put a bracket LNB 90cm extra on a disc. Thus taking advantage of the facility also have access to Astra 19.2 ° East and Hotbird 13 ° East

    2 A receiver model DigitallWorld sft4000 or sci4100 that with appropriate sw becomes a satellite modem (only these two models are compatible)

    3 º A ​​cable RS232 Null modem "to connect between the doors of the Mirage 1704s HD and sft4000

    Menu option to configure the 1704 SSSP (Satellite Porotocol Sharing Service)
    MENU> Entertainment> SERIAL SETUP> SSSP> EXIT> OK

    Immediately are to receive the satellite sharing, yet it is possible to maintain all the normal functions of the Internet in 1704, both to receive and to serve in home sharing. If you have connected the two options, Internet and satellite, the 1704 will decide what the best connection and where to call to the selected channel at all times.

    In sft4000/sci4100 now transformed into modem only comes into operation the button on and off. When connected with the antenna pointing and for 7º East of these, the green light is fixed indicating that synchronized with the correct PD. Connected to any other satellite light is flashing.

    Connecting a cable scart sft4000 shows the two values ​​in percentage terms, the gain and signal quality to more easily tune the antenna.

    The solution is to running about a year for free and its going to stop the 25 April, with over 100 channels, for those who want to test and prove the system, new in these parts, already gives letters of assurance to some years in other markets.

    After that you need to have "the correct connection" to some CS service provider", as soon I know exactly who... I inform the forum and give yhe correct information by PM.

    The satellite modem sft4000 can be connected to any receiver of any brand, provided that it is prepared with the standard version of the protocole "SSSP" or "Twin protocole" and is compatible with the MPEG4 standard (not necessarily HD)
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