Published: 09.56 Europe/London, April 26, 2011

Holland’s largest cable operator Ziggo will start to phase out its analogue channels this summer. As part of the campaign, it is offeting subscribers an HD cable tuner for €79.

Step One of the analogue cable shut-off is the reduction in the number of analogue channels by five, down from 30 to 25. During the coming years, the operator will gradually switch off more analogue channels.

Part of the switch-off campaign is a special offer to all Ziggo customers, who can buy a subsidised HD cable tuner for €79 – or buy a PVR equipped tuner for €199. Lower prices are available for viewers who also buy an ‘all-in-1′ bundle, when the HD PVR costs €99.

Ziggo is now promoting its basic digital offer as its main product. It comes at no additional cost to the analogue basic tier, but involves people having to buy their own cable tuner or a CI Plus compatible TV set. The basic digital comprises 60 channels.

The operator recently announced that more than 55% of its customer base is now watching digital, so the time has come for a gradual analogue switch-off.