Published: 09.37 Europe/London, April 26, 2011
The take-up of broadband services is growing rapidly in Russia, according to ER-Telecom, one of the country’s leading cable operators.

Quoting data produced by iKS- Consulting, it says that the number of broadband subscribers at the end of 2010 stood at 17.9 million.

All told, a third of Russian households were connected to broadband networks and the penetration of services stood at 34%.

It adds that consolidation in the broadband sector is gathering pace and that at the end of 2010 the top 10 providers claimed a combined market share of 62%, or two percentage more than three months earlier.

MTS/Comstar, the market leader, claimed 1,724,000 subscribers at year’s end, followed by Center Telecom (1,363,900), Vimpelcom (1,421,000) and ER-Telecom (1,363,900).

The number of broadband subscribers in Moscow alone exceeded 3 million, though MTS/Comstar saw its position there slightly weaken in the face of strong competition