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Gemini 4.70 image of a knife with the integration of Spectrum II CCcam2.14 and Ecminfo

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

The World Summit for a picture with a knife Algimni 4.70 Spectrum II picture is beautiful and very fast also been modified to show the property Ecm automatically and directly on the knife. The rest of the add-ons


- The virus is de-
- Boot image format HD
- Add Arabic
- For lovers of French can be downloaded from the server's
- Merge CCcam 2.1.4 and CCcaminfo V1.1 in raw image space away from the VAR
- Imo CCcam 2.1.4 is activated automatically when you delete the image after the installation of common interface
- Change the original knife with a knife, a peak in the World of Spectrum II
- Merge Blegn Nagrab away from the area Var
- Merge Blegn Ecminfo away from the area Var
- Add Property DVR for online registration
- You can change the form of lists of channels, such as a Humax clicking on the OK button and then help
- Update to Kernel is a new DRIVER
- Enlarge the size of lines of the main menus with upsized lines channels

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