Published: 09.37 Europe/London, April 28, 2011

26% of all BSky customers now take the triple play offer of TV, broadband and telephony, the company said in its financial statement for the nine months tillMarch 31, 2011. The total number of HD customers is 47% higher than the prior year at 3.7 million.

Sky said that there were 543,000 net additions in home communications in the first quarter of 2011; 3.2 million households now choose broadband access. The operator now has over 10.1 million customers with 51,000 net additions in the quarter.

“At a time of significant pressure on household budgets, we have added over 800,000 subscription products as more customers choose Sky for a greater variety of services,” said CEO Jeremy Darroch in a statement, “Take-up of high definition remains very strong and we have had another excellent quarter in home communications, with 26% of customers saving money by taking all three of TV, broadband and home phone.”

“The strength of our financial performance has been equally broadly based, with good revenue growth across retail, wholesale and advertising. Strong cost control and continued margin expansion has delivered 24% growth in operating profit and free cash flow is up 60%.”

Group revenue increased by 14% to £4,833 million (2010: £4,232 million). Retail subscription revenue grew by 14% to £3,997 million (2010: £3,518 million). Wholesale subscription revenue was 34% higher at £236 million (2010: £176 million) as a result of increased take-up of Sky’s premium channels on cable as well as the acquisition of Living TV.

Advertising revenue of £348 million (2010: £247 million) was 41% higher, benefiting from an increased share of the TV advertising sector and the consolidation of the sale of airtime on Living TV.

Installation, hardware and service revenue was £89 million (2010: £139 million), reflecting Sky’s decision to reduce the upfront cost of its Sky+HD box in January 2010. Other revenue of £163 million (2010: £152 million) was 7% higher, benefiting from higher Sky Bet revenues.