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Thread: Actual Diablo Keys

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    Re: Actual Diablo Keys

    HNL Feed 16E Biss - Changing every week/weekend follow the "how to update keys" and enter the latest key

    18/05/17 Bulsatcom 39E [I2] includes Key01[02] Service Key from 11/04/2010, Active Key02[04] from 21/06/2010 & Next Key03[06] from 01/07/2010 (Fausto EMU, Ipnosys EMU and others Not Underworld) - thx Tekind@r/FanOfSat
    24/03/17 ESPN/ESPNU Caribbean (901)/ESPNEWS/ESPN2 (902) 15W Biss - thx m_fadel
    24/01/17 Fox Sports Europe HD 7E Biss - thx m_fadel/ValentinTM
    07/01/17 AzTV Azerbaijan 46E Biss 2nd 11135 H Freq - thx senadxxx/chelo71
    12/11/16 RTRS 16E CCW - thx barney2222
    15/04/16 National TV 16E Biss - thx Relysat (sometimes FTA)
    10/02/15 Digea Greece (ANT1/STAR/ALPHA/MEGA/E TV/SKAI/ 12702H & 12720H) 3.1E Biss - thx sahafe/Serafeim
    12/12/14 Freeview Package x20 (inc BBC1 HD, BBC2 HD, ITV1 HD, Channel 4 HD, Channel 5 HD & Film 4 +1) 27.5W Biss - thx dog-man
    08/12/14 TRT HD added (Encrypted During Certain Sports Events Only, TRT HD, TRT 1 HD, TRT 2 Haber HD, TRT 3 Spor HD 11054V & TRT2 SD, TRT Spor SD 11096H, TRT1, TRT2, TRT3 11958V) 42E Biss - thx zimar (Same active key since SD 28/03/09)
    07/08/13 Imedi TV (when encrypted) 42E Biss - thx shishmish
    14/02/13 NLO TV 4.8E Biss - thx Serjoga
    19/01/12 XSport 4.8E Biss - thx AK BARS/Serjoga
    05/05/13 2M National HD & 2M MENA HD 3.1E Biss - thx eniz9
    13/12/11 N24 / National 24 16E Biss - thx
    12/08/11 2+2 (UEFA Matches) 4.8E Biss - thx Serjoga &
    11/08/11 UKRAINA-SD 4.8E Biss - thx SeregaH
    09/06/11 1+1 International (HD MPEG4 VPID) 4.8E Biss - thx AK BARS (key from pre-04/11/07 when SD Biss transmission existed)
    29/07/10 AMC Africa 10E Biss - thx spinnaker
    20/01/10 Ant-1 Europe 9E (Added to Ipnosys EMU 1/6/10 prev. Fausto Only) - thx kiliantv
    20/12/09 SSR/SRG Swiss 13E [Diablo2 3.9/4.0/WiFi Only]
    28/03/09 TRT Haber & TRT 3 Spor (Encrypted During Certain Sports Events Only) 42E Biss - thx zimar
    14/10/07 Rustavi2 42E Biss - thx Dr.dre
    04/11/07 ENTV-Programme National 22W Biss - thx tasarim
    24/10/06 TET 4.8E Biss - thx Pattyren
    15/03/03 MEZZO 13E - thx empb
    Constant Control Words: Turn Fixed CW [ON] also in most cases turn Auto PMT [OFF] Unless Control Word CAID not in CAID file
    RTRS 16E CCW - thx barney2222

    NB Recommended CAM settings CAIDs [MAIN], AutoPMT [OFF], Fixed CW [ON].

    A quick note regarding Fausto Emulator. FE works with Diablo Wireless, WiFi (Server/Client) or Season Interface on various CAMs eg Diablo Light, Dragon/T-Rex & built in CI slots etc or various direct to receiver methods. FE also supports CS protocols and allows public hacks not prev available on Dragon/T-Rex etc, eg public I2 & Viaccess2 hacks and 4.8E Viasat SoftN*D*S channels.

    NB. This key.bin contains only active keys/control words (ie only Control Words listed above in bin at the moment, no old control words) supported by diablo/fausto, large key.bins containing dead keys/control words in addition to slowing the cam, can interfere with the use of official cards and possibly card share emulators....

    Note: File is named after last update done, this does not (especially in the case of channels opened with Control Words {CCWs}) mean the channel/package named will open, please read info in this thread and on the forum as to what is currently open


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