AAF MediaCenter SpringV1 fix IP-Box 900


SH4 Duckbox Projekt Git rev20xx:

+ [at7500] fix ird EXT (var) bug
+ [kernel] add optimized nodebug kernel cfgs at7500,ufs912, at700, at7000
+ [av700/0 - kernel] - activating SYSCTL
+ fix player CCFLAGSY position
+ [AV7000] use seperate register storage for each tuner
+ add ifo support
+ [libeplayer3] fix .srt subtitle
+ [libeplayer3] hack to save cpu usage with subtitles
+ [libeplayer3] fix fast reverse loops
+ [libeplayer3] fix xvid videostream in mp4
+ [libeplayer3] hopefully fixed zdf streaming problem without destroying playback of other h264 files

AAF M73xx:

+ add autofs support to Networkbrowser (cifs/nfs/ftp)
+ add smbfs to autofs
+ add upnpfs to autofs
+ add ntfsmount to autofs
+ add new bootpictures
+ add overclocking (at7500 & ufs912)
+ add AAF Wizard
+ add ntfs-3g to autofs
+ add wireless support (stm22 only)
+ change epg handling
+ change backup handling
+ change swapextensions handling
+ change mountsystem to autofs only
+ change bootlogo handling
+ optimize boottime
+ optimize onlineupdate
+ optimize tmpupdate
+ optimize swap
+ optimize Softcam Panel
+ move DVD player to Mediacenter my Videos
+ Fix WebRadioFS
+ Bouqueteditor in WebIF
+ [at7500] DVB-T Tuner (Test)
+ [ufs912] Chinch Audio fix

Changes (28\04\2011)

- fix swapextension Start


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