SifTeam Enigma2 Extreme Edition v.1.5 Cuberevo Mini (900HD)

Extreme Edition 1.5
Moved to Tideglo 1.3.0
fixed Common Interface assigment
fixed png missing in Settings loader
New preview in channel selection and Single EPG

Tideglo release 1.3.0
- fixed first boot wizard resolution over different ports (now is always selected the most common resolution for every port)
- fixed another compatibility issue for cuberevo-250hd, cuberevo-100hd and cuberevo-mini2
- fixed a memory leak bug using bad bootargs
- fixed a bug for sCAIDs service information
- fixed clearing of icons on standby
- changed remote controller images to the new ones
- added loading at boot of sci.ko inside modules default list
- added sci.ko also to cuberevo-100hd