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Thread: Dream800se & two rotor satellite

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    Dream800se & two rotor satellite

    Hello I want to connect simultaneously two rotor satellite to my dreambox 800se.

    Can you tell me if this configuration is possible and what I need in order to realize this project?


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    Re: Dream800se & two rotor satellite

    Out of curiosity:
    what do you want to accomplish?

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    Re: Dream800se & two rotor satellite

    I have two antennas on the roof power a 100-cm without shelter from the wind and sheltered from the wind by another 60 cm ...
    on windy days I wanted to use the fixed and the other ordinary days

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    Re: Dream800se & two rotor satellite

    Founded this on another Forum :

    Yes is the answer but it may depend on your switch.
    I couldnt get it to work except occasionally with a new 2 way switch I bought but now have it working with a very old 4 way switch I found from years ago...
    I have the motorised dish connected to input 1 and the fixed dish to input 2.
    I cannot change from a channel on 28E (fixed dish) to any other sat other than the one my dish is pointing at otherwise get tune failed.
    So if my dish is pointing at 19E,I have to change to a channel on 19E first and from there I can change to any channel I wish. Apart from that it seems to be fine
    Maybe you can give it a try !

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