Published: 08.12 Europe/London, May 2, 2011

Poland’s two leading media groups Cyfrowy Polsat and TVN have signed a key agreement related to their proprietary channels.

As a result of the deal, Cyfrowy Polsat DTH subscribers will be able to watch the TVN channels TVN HD, TVN HD+1 and TVN CNBC, bringing the total number to 10 (the others being TVN, TVN HD and TVN HD+1, TVN, TVN24, TVN Turbo, TVN Meteo, TVN Style, TVN CNBC and Telezakupy Mango).

At the same time, n DTH subscribers will be able to view the Polsat channels Polsat, Polsat HD, Polsat News, Polsat Café, Polsat Play, Polsat 2, Polsat Film, TV Biznes, Polsat JimJam and – shortly – Polsat Sport News.

Local reports say that the agreement between the two companies, understood to be financially worth up to 10% of the capital values of both Cyfrowy Polsat and TVN, is valid until April 30, 2015