Published: 07.32 Europe/London, May 2, 2011

ANGA CABLE 2011 – COLOGNE. Ruwido has revealed the design of its new remote control platform. The r97 is intended to replace the long-serving r77 series.

“At Ruwido we have been saying for a number of years that TV input devices are increasingly becoming technical jewels and highly sought-after design objects. More and more providers are opting for a remote control that tangibly underlines the design and lifestyle claim of their brand,” said Ferdinand Maier, managing director, Ruwido. “ It is against this background that we decided to invest in research and development far beyond just the technical aspects, to create high quality, intelligent and individual designs that give customers an unmistakable excellent quality experience in addition to the intuitive use of functions.”

The r97 platform comprises a full range of devices embracing different interaction methods, from full button layout to individualized access and 6-key navigation.