Published: 11.44 Europe/London, May 3, 2011

One tenth of Czech Television viewers could be using HbbTV within the next five years, according to Milan Fridrich, the head of the public broadcaster’s new media division.

Speaking to Digizone, he added that CT is currently developing hybrid services in two environments – the Czech Republic and Slovakia – having entered into a partnership with the Kosice-based company Antik Technology.

Fridrich also said that it is hoping to develop a hybrid broadcasting platform in HbbTV that is accessible to all types of modern TV regardless of the manufacturer through new generation set-top boxes.

In his view, Czechs are obsessed with technological innovation.

For instance, over 50,000 mobile users have so far download iPhone apps for its news channel CT24, plus at least 20,000 more Android and about 3,000 Nokia users.

This augurs well for the introduction of HbbTV in the Czech Republic.