Published: 07.20 Europe/London, May 3, 2011

Subscriptions to Orange TV benefitted from a 29% increase over the last 12 months with 967,000 net additions across the group. 300,000 new subscribers were added in the first quarter.

ADSL and satellite customers in France grew by 28% to 3.711 million customers at March 31, 2011, while in Poland, as Broadband TV News reported last week, the number of digital TV customers climbed to 577,000 customers at 31 March 2011, up 38% year on year.

The percentage expense ratio of so-called other expenses was down by .02 percentage points, due in part to the recapture of provisions related to the Orange Sport and Orange cinema series TV subsidiaries of 59 million. The overall figure was up due to the popularity of smartphones in France and Spain.

Capex grew as a result of the Livebox and TV decoder replacement programmes