Toya shows new hybrid platform
Published: 13.48 Europe/London, May 3, 2011 by Julian Clover

ANGA CABLE 2011 – COLOGNE. Polish cablenet Toya has introduced a new hybrid platform that combines broadcast and Internet-delivered content.

The hybrid solution, using middleware developed by Warsaw-based Cubiware, also runs on Conax Contego security. “The biggest challenge was putting everything in such a way that could be consistent for the customer both in terms of over-the-top and broadcast delivery”, explained Toya’s research and development director Simon Karbowski.

The new Intec Digital HD receiver was initially deployed last November and has been taken up by 5,000 of Toya’s 45,000 digital customers, who pay an additional €3 per month for the enhanced set-top. Typically, operators in the Polish market rent their receivers to the subscriber.

Customers can enjoy catch-up TV from the Polsat-owned Ipla. Karbowski said that although the cablenet was running ad insertion for the content, viewers would often wait for an episode to be screened on broadcast TV, because the catch up version contained less advertising. Currently only original Polish productions and sports events are screened, although Ipla does have an agreement with Warner Bros. There are plans to offer paid for content to reflect what Ipla makes available online and through iPad and Android apps.

Further content is available from HBO, Eurosport, and Poland’s second largest portal Gazeta

Cubiware CEO Jakub Gorski said the proprietary middleware was being ported to a further eight set-top boxes including some destined for the Finnish operator DNA. Processing power of only 270 MHz was required and the SDK is also made available to operators.

Karbowski said the time to develop an app for the Cubiware platform was equal to that of the Apple iOS.