Media management company implements emergency hotline on website

London, 04 May 2011: JCA, provider of media management services to the digital, TV and film industry, today announces it has put into service a hotline for both customers and non-customers who find themselves tackling emergencies with their digital content.

The ‘panic button’ goes live today on JCA’s website - The JCA panic button tab will direct users to details of JCA’s newly setup hotline where last minute calls for help on restoration, content digitisation and re-formatting projects will be taken, and is available to anyone. The caller will get an expert response from the individual who will manage the user’s problem from start to finish. The panic button has been developed in order to accommodate the growth in demand the company has been experiencing for its services at very short notice.

Simon Kay, Joint MD at JCA says: "It is amazing how often this is happening – especially with the increasing shift to digital delivery, caused by the knock-on effects of the Tsunami in Japan on broadcast tape supplies. Requests for our digital platform have increased by at least 20% in the last month and we are taking an ever increasing number of phone calls from companies we have never worked with before who have found themselves in a time restricted mess. More often than not they are terribly frustrated by the service they have been receiving elsewhere and are in danger of missing their deadline.”