New channels M6: Wiki TV and M6 Famille

Published: 04.05.2011, 19:41 TODAY! | Author: Editor

According to Le Figaro, the French note of 28 April 2011, Groupe M6 launches two new TV channels for digital terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T). One of them is to appoint a Wiki and a second TV M6 Famille.

Wiki has to be a TV entertainment channel aimed at young audiences. While the M6 Famille is designed for all family members.

Thomas Valentin, a representative of Groupe M6 newspaper said it would be fair to the M6 ​​Groupe acquired two new licenses, while TF1 and CANAL + run 6 thematic channels, has five of France Télévision Groupe and the M6 ​​has only four.

Groupe M6 is ready to invest in new projects annually 150 million.