Cablecom from Mexico migrates towards DVB-C with Irdeto

Cablecom, the third cable operator of Mexico in number of subscribers, which had started to digitalize with Motorola's systems, will continue its digital deployment with Irdeto's CAS and middleware, and Thomson's headend. Irdeto, which has already added 60 clients in Latin America, has multiplied its operation in the region five times since 2004, and is planning to follow big Nagra's and NDS' steps.

Since the last four years, Naspers Group's company encouraged its penetration by acquiring the French middleware company IDway, and IBS Interprit, the billing and CRM provider. At present Irdeto's billing clients are all DirecTV PanAmericana's affiliates and Sky Brazil, and its middleware clients are TCC, Montecable and Nuevo Siglo from Uruguay in addition to Cablecom.

In Uruguay, in addition of the aforementioned three operators that utilize it CAS, Multiseñal (MMDS) and Punta Cable from Punta del Este have also incorporated Irdeto. In Argentina, Red Intercable and its DTH InTV set up its CAS, as well as Telecentro for its Pay-TV through DVB-T and Concordia Video Cable for its MMDS in Entre Rios and for its cable operation in Formosa and San Luis. In Argentina, the new state-owned DTH operator Arsat, which will start broadcasting a free channel package, will utilize Irdeto's CAS. Arsat is also preparing a national VOD and catch up through satellite and fiber operation. Though the DRM provider has not been defined yet, Irdeto is one of the few companies that can combine a solution for CAS, DRM and OTT, since it is the protection system installed in the United States by Netflix.

In Mexico, in addition to Cablecom, Irdeto protects Gigacable from Aguascalientes. And in Ecuador the company protects Ecuavisa Group's Univisa MMDS. In Dominican Republic, Irdeto renders services to Wind Telecom's MMDS and in Honduras to Cablecolor. In Brazil the company has already added Belem's ORM Cable and ESC90, a cable operation from Espirito Santo. The satellite company DTHi also utilizes Irdeto with Visiontec's STB, though this operator is out of service and would migrate its users to Media Networks' platform.

In Addition to CAS for Pay-TV, Irdeto completes its client list with TV channels that utilize its CAS for DTO (Direct to Operator), in most countries of the region.