NHK WORLD, the 24/7 English language channel produced by Japan International Broadcasting (JIB) and Japan's public broadcaster NHK, has launched a HD service for the UK.

Boasting a unique geographic and cultural perspective on important developments in the Asian region NHK WORLD HD will be made available on the Sky and Freesat satellite platforms. Fed live from Tokyo with media management and global content delivery services firm GlobeCast providing re-encoding, uplink, and capacity on Eutelsat's EUROBIRD 1.

The NHK WORLD HD feed will be down linked in France at GlobeCast's Bercenay and Sainte Assise teleports, and sent via fibre on GlobeCast's Backbone Network (GCBN) to the London operations centre, where the video is re-encoded and AC3 audio added.

GlobeCast already provides turnaround and satellite capacity for NHK WORLD TV in standard-definition format, as well as delivering NHK WORLD in HD on a number of IP platforms in Europe.

"The live video coverage of the earthquake and tsunami which hit Eastern Japan on 11 March displayed the power of HD television extensively," said Hatsuhisa Takashima, president and CEO of JIB. "Now we are able to make this state of the art technology and powerful English language news coverage available to the television viewers in the UK through our partnership between GlobeCast and JIB.”